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    • Bulungkol Valley

      Bulungkol Valley

      Bulong Kol means corner Lake; it is located next to the Karakoram Highway, about 170km from Kashgar city. It is also called white sand mountain as there are beautiful sand dunces with amazing reflection scenery
    • Karakul Lake

      Karakul Lake

      It sits more than 3.5 km above sea level, with Muztagh Ata (7,546m/24,757ft) setting an imposing backdrop;whether for a day trip or an extended stay in yurt accommodation as you explore the surrounding hills.
    • Tashkorgan


      Tashkorgan is a tiny island of concrete buildings nestled amongst breathtaking mountain ranges. The town itself isn’t much, but traveling there lets you take in the scenery of the Karakoram Highway.
    • Oytagh Glacier Park

      Oytagh Glacier Park

      Oytagh Glacier is a surprisingly little known corner of China that features a glacier and forest more representative of Kyrgyzstan than the barer mountain scenery typical of Southern Xinjiang.
    • Taklamakan Desert

      Taklamakan Desert

      One of the major challenges to traders on the Silk Road was the Taklamakan Desert, 105,000 square miles of sand, dunes and gravel. This trip allows you to journey to its westernmost edge, where endless waves of sand stretch into the distance
    • Shipton's Arch

      Shipton's Arch

      Shipton's Arch is the world’s highest natural arch. This imposing, entirely natural structure, rises an amazing 366m/1200ft ; Some walking and climbing is required, but this trip is suitable for all ages.

    Kashgar Travel Guide

    Discover Kashgar with Local Uighurs

    Are you looking for a real local tour operator who can help you discover very best of Kashgar and experience real culture, real life and incredible sceneries. Here you are at the right positon, UighurTours is a registered Travel company run by local Ugihurs from Kashgar. We are group of Yang People who are proud of our rich culture, splendid history and outstanding scenery of our hometown and happy to share it with the world.